Applus+ Iteuve launches mobile app with new geolocation and road-safety features

    New app allows a user to make PTI appointments, locate parked vehicles and share trips in real time, among other functionalities
    Applus+ Automotive Spain launches its mobile application to facilitate the management of vehicle-related services and contribute to road safety.
    Specifically, this simple and intuitive app enables users to locate their nearest Technical Vehicle Inspection centres, make appointments and access exclusive promotions, all from their mobile devices.
    Thanks to geolocation, users can also use the new app to locate their parked vehicles. By marking the location at which the car was parked, the application subsequently guides the user back to the vehicle.
    Calmer and safer travel
    The new Applus+ Iteuve tool can store personal and emergency contact details (police, relatives, insurance, etc.), giving the user one-click access to them when required.
    The activation of route tracking enables the sending of departure and arrival notifications to third parties, as well as the sharing of a user’s real-time location within a group via WhatsApp.
    The app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play, the App Store or the Applus+ Iteuve website