Applus+ IDIADA joins forces on new Automated Driving with TASS International and Lelystad Airport Businesspark

    Applus+ IDIADA, TASS International and Lelystad Airport Businesspark announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for jointly developing an international urban test area for Automated Driving and Intelligent Transport Systems next to Lelystad Airport in The Netherlands.
    By combining Applus+ IDIADA’s experience in vehicle development and testing, together with the simulation software tool suite and real-world testing services of TASS International, the new test track will offer a nearly complete range of test scenarios in The Netherlands ready to develop the next generation of automated driving systems.
    The new test track at Lelystad Airport will contain a mix of traditional infrastructure and state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as a mix of road users, speed limits, densities and frequencies. This mix will offer a unique chance to test in a (semi) controlled environment. Lelystad Airport Businesspark will be an international testing facility for automated driving and Intelligent Transport Systems with a focus on urban simulation and two-way road (low/medium) speed testing.
    TASS International supports the transport industry to develop safer, greener and more intelligent vehicles by providing innovative software products, state-of-the-art testing facilities and cost-effective engineering solutions. Its customers can faster, easier and cheaper design and develop and thereby increase their release time and speed to market.
    Lelystad Airport Businesspark (LAB) is a sustainable and innovative businesspark next to Lelystad Airport (subsidiary company of Schiphol) . On this businesspark of 140 ha we offer entrepeneurs a smart and sustainable soil to build on. LAB stimulates urban, economic and social innovation and offer entrepeneurs opportunities to create and test their new products and ideas.