Applus+ drives innovation through collaboration and technology


    At Applus+, innovation is a strategic pillar. We understand that to continue being one of the leaders in the sector, it is necessary to invest in knowledge acquisition and the application of cutting-edge technology. The new Applus+ Innovation Report is a testament to our commitment to research and development.

    The company invests in generating new knowledge and creating innovative solutions. This not only helps to achieve goals and objectives but also ensures that services are aligned with global trends and challenges of new mobility and connectivity, the energy transition and electrification, and can adapt to new market needs.

    Collaboration plays a key role in the innovative approach of Applus+. This is why we build strong relationships with suppliers, partners and clients, with whom we work on large-scale projects. This collaboration allows us to share technical knowledge, combine skills and resources and develop more comprehensive and effective solutions. By joining forces with other entities, Applus+ can expand its innovation capacity and enhance its search for creative and revolutionary solutions.

    Our dedicated team of over 1,000 experts has developed 214 innovative projects. In addition, in 2022, we increased our intellectual property portfolio, with 10 patents from four different families. In total, we hold 151 active patents from 34 families. We implement digital technologies in all our business processes, use artificial intelligence, improve digital communication with our customers and have launched a business line based on digital solutions.

    Some of our outstanding R&D+i projects are MARBEL, to produce more sustainable and efficient electric batteries. We have also developed projects such as H2ELIOS, an integral liquid hydrogen storage tank for aircraft, or an app with artificial intelligence that can detect vehicle damage.

    In conclusion, innovation is essential for companies like Applus+. It allows them to stay at the forefront of their sector, continuously improve their services and adapt to a constantly changing business environment. By investing in knowledge, the application of technology and strategic collaboration, Applus+ positions itself as a trusted partner capable of meeting technological challenges and delivering innovative solutions that meet its clients' needs.

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