Applus+ contributes inspection, occupational health and safety and technical support services to the creation and installation of electric-vehicle charging stations


    The Applus+ Energy & Industry Division in Spain is heavily involved in innovation and sustainability development at all levels. For this reason, a wide range of clients consider Applus+ a point of reference, entrusting the company with a variety of projects linked to the development and enhancement of electric vehicles.

    There are three things taking place in energy transition in Spain today that will require networks to fully align with the new 2030 energy strategy: the shift towards energy carriers with lower emissions, emissions-free power generation and energy efficiency. Solving the problem of grid congestion and developing smart networks will be key to the efficient implementation of the new, increased renewable capacity. Of all the activities underway, the electric vehicle constitutes one of the main drivers for the decarbonisation of transport required in Spain.
    While it is predicted that, within about a decade, all segments of society will turn to electric vehicles on a massive scale, Spain does not currently possess a sufficiently robust network of electric charging stations to be able to guarantee these vehicles autonomy. According to Aedive, the Spanish association of electric car manufacturers, there are only about 200 fast-charging stations across the country (enabling a car to be charged in approximately half an hour). These fast-charging stations are required if we are to foster this autonomy, hence why electricity networks play such a vital role in the efficient development of self-consumption in Spain and will contribute significantly to the roll-out of electric vehicles. As such, both smart charging and investment in networks that are adapted to the evolving nature of charging will be critical to the efficient development of infrastructure.
    Applus+, thanks to its extensive experience and the synergies between its various services, is contributing its expertise in industrial safety, occupational health and safety and technical support to help make this project a tangible reality.

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