Applus+ carries out energy assessment of the coal parks of Endesa

    Applus+ has reached a framework agreement with Endesa for the energy valuation of the company’s coal parks in Spain
    The contract covers the field work required for the periodic assessment of the quantity and energy quality of the coal in the parks. The compilation of these physical inventories is one of the company’s internal control and audit requirements. The work involves obtaining high-precision volumetries as well as carrying out soundings with a view to obtaining unchanged samples that are representative in terms of both density and stored quality.
    To achieve this aim, the company uses a topodrone, a novel tool that reduces the inspection’s margin of error as a result of environmental or human factors. Use of this method has led to even higher levels of coordination and safety during the plants’ production activity as a result of quicker volume measurements, simpler collection of field samples for subsequent analysis and enhanced technician safety. It also results in cost efficiencies and improved profitability as compared to traditional inspections.
    Applus+ is the only company offering such an integrated approach to volumetric measurement through topography, on-site sampling and specific coal analysis and drawing on its up-to-the-minute technology and equipment and highly qualified technicians.
    Applus+ has been providing these types of services to Endesa since 2010.This is the first year drones have been involved in the inspections and they can also be used in other sectors, such as mining. This energy-valuation model was developed by the construction business line, involving land and mineral resource engineering, infrastructure and the environmental laboratory.

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