Applus+ at IPA Conference and Exhibition 2016

    From May 25th to 27th, Applus+ in Indonesia participated as an exhibitor at IPA Conference and Exhibition 2016 (IPA CONVEX)
    IPA Convex is the largest oil and gas convention and exhibition in South East Asia. Sponsored by several stakeholders and attended by key delegates, it offers opportunities for unlimited networking in the sector. IPA CONVEX has attracted 24,608 visitors and more than 2.700 delegates and speakers from 26 countries. These include government officials in the oil and gas sector from other countries, and CEOs from the world’s leading companies, independent oil companies and service providers who have shared their knowledge, experience and innovations in the industry. Around 638 journalists from 315 national and international media also attended the event.
    IPA CONVEX 2016 also featured a large-scale technical conference, with a variety of business plenary sessions.