Applus+ appointed by ISED (Canada) as Foreign Certification Body for wireless products


    This latest recognition sits alongside the company’s accreditation as an EU Notified Body for the RED Directive and as a TCB by FCC (USA), putting Applus+ in a position to certify wireless products for three of the world’s key markets.

    Applus+ has been named Foreign Certification Body (CAB Identifier ES0001) by the Canadian department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED), formerly Industry Canada (IC).
    This recognition will help Applus+ to expand its portfolio of wireless and IoT services. From now on, Applus+ will be able to carry out the mandatory certification process to access the Canadian market.
    Canada’s conformity process involve product testing and certification by a testing laboratory accredited for ISO/IEC 17025 and a certification body accredited for ISO/IEC 17065 that has been recognised by ISED.
    The ISED designation of Applus+ as a certification body sits alongside the company’s prior status as a Notified Body (no. 0370) for the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and as Telecommunications Certification Body (no. ES0002) by FCC (USA). Applus+ was already accredited to carry out conformity testing to European, US and Canadian market standards.
    As far as other markets are concerned, our regulatory experts can run global conformity programmes through our agreements with third-party laboratories and certification bodies.