A cross-cutting service to meet the diverse demands of the wind industry


    From the different laboratories we have located around the world, we work for renewable energy companies, offering a wide range of services.

    The Challenge  

    By 2030, 40% of Europe's energy consumption must come from renewable sources. To achieve this goal, investing in the development of the wind energy sector is key.  

    Companies in this industry face the challenge of leading innovation or, at the very least, being at the forefront of the sector:  

    • The Integration of different, independently developed components.  
    • Use of lighter materials that allow wind turbines to be more efficient.  
    • Increasingly complex structures to optimise equipment.   

    Applus+ Laboratories experts provide transversal support to clients in this industry, through a variety of services for specific components, as well as for the wind turbine as a whole.

    The Solution  

    For Electrical and Electronic components 

    A large number of electrical and electronic components coexist inside a wind turbine. When operational, the electromagnetic waves emitted by this equipment can affect surrounding components. To ensure the safety and proper functionality of the wind turbine, each of these components must be tested in an accredited laboratory.

    To meet this specific challenge, we offer electromagnetic compatibility tests to ensure the coexistence of the different devices inside a wind turbine. This way we can guarantee that these emissions don’t exceed the established limit and guarantee that they offer immunity to external electromagnetic disturbances.  

    Aligned with this goal, we also verify that the wind turbine, with all its internal electronics, does not exceed the limits of emissions into its environment. This way, we prevent a potential risk that could be harmful to people, or affect other electrical equipment such as nearby vehicles. 

    These verifications are made on site, with the wind turbine in operation, using a receiving antenna

    Mechanical tests for blades and subcomponents: Structural Testing 

    We offer high-load structural tests for different parts of the wind turbine:   

    • Windmill blade segment. Bending test on 12 meters segment.  
    • We test metallic welded joints; metal components and fatigue tests for strength and durability.   

    Unlike our competitors, we count on a 15-mega Newton machine to exert the load on the structure and perform full-scale tests. 

    Mechanical testing and characterization of materials   

    To manufacture the joints that are welded in the different structural elements of a wind turbine, thick materials are used. With us, customers in the wind industry can perform fatigue tests on these joints, using our high load machines.  

    The various materials that make up the blades are tested to determine the mechanical properties by simulating real temperature conditions. These tests are performed under ISO 17025 standards.  

    Thanks to these tests, we are able to characterize both the composite and metallic materials used and the fastening elements. 


    We have a network of ENAC-accredited laboratories close to our customers' manufacturing and operating sites. There, we calibrate the most complex and precise equipment.   

    We also count on Mobile calibration units (On-Site Calibration Service),  to optimise equipment maintenance. Thanks to this solution we can adapt to meet the needs of large companies in the wind energy sector that have a large fleet of measuring equipment and require maximum availability. 

    The result  

    Our laboratory is a nearby and trusted partner for clients in the wind industry:  

    • We can perform all required tests for wind turbines (mechanical, material, electronic) in the same laboratory.   
    • Reduced delivery deadlines thanks to our receptivity and trustworthy alliance with our clients.  
    • We are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited.   
    • Our technicians are professionally trained to work at special heights to climb wind turbines.   
    • We offer services worldwide, not only in Barcelona, Navarra and the Basque Country but also in Germany, Denmark and Spain.   

    We’ve become a trusted partner and supplier of reference, destined to meet both current and upcoming needs and challenges. 

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