PAV-DT - A disruptive technology that enables low-cost real- time monitoring of roads pavement condition


    Construction Business Line of Energy & Industry Division is taking part in an international project funded by the European Union. This plan is part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme in which Applus+ is working together with other European companies from May 2019 to April 2021. The consortium is composed of: BECSA and Valencia’s Polytechnic University from Spain; Micro-Sensor from Germany and Minds & Sparks from Austria.

    The scope of the project is to create an economical and easy-to-install device call PAV-DT. Thanks to this gadget, vehicles travelling on the roads will be able to gather information regarding the pavement condition. Once this information has been collected, it is sent to a server where customers will be able to access the latest available data on pavement condition. Furthermore, they will receive information which will allow them to take the necessary actions to repair the pavement. Through this project, customers’ vehicles will be converted into very low-cost real - time pavement inspection equipment.

    Within this project, Applus+ will be in charge of testing and validating the prototype previously developed. Once this prototype has been approved, Applus+ will carry out the tests together with the company in charge of developing this technology. The purpose of these tests is to show customers how this device works.

    Applus+ demonstrates how important innovation is in the company by participating in this kind of project, which allows the company to be at the forefront of the market.