Applus+ to oversee construction of Delaro wind farm in Mexico


    One of Mexico’s leading renewable energy companies has contracted Applus+ to supervise the construction of the Delaro wind farm, which will have a 117 MW power rating thanks to its 4 to 4.5 MW turbines.

    The project, known as “Parque Eólico DELARO” (DELARO Wind Farm), is located on a 3,300-hectare site approximately 47 kilometres from Reynosa, Mexico, next to the Reynosa-Monterrey highway in the so-called “Brecha del Becerro”.

    Applus+ is charged with ensuring that the project complies with the expected quality standards, budget and schedule and with supporting and advising the client throughout the process. To achieve this, Applus+ will produce quality control and quality assurance reports and ensure financial compliance as well as compliance with the health and safety, public works construction and electrical construction plans.

    Applus+ must also ensure due compliance with the environmental impact assessment (EIA) and the balance of plant (BOP) and transitional services agreement (TSA) contracts, collectively known as the “management fee”.