Applus+ Laboratories evaluates the first biometric card certified by a global payment scheme


    The new biometric solution developed by NXP enables Fingerprint on Card technology on payment cards. These new cards have a digital fingerprint sensor and use biometric authentication to make payments replacing the need for PIN codes and signature at contact and contactless payment terminals.

    The Applus+ cybersecurity laboratory in Barcelona carried out a security evaluation of this new type of payment card technology which is part of the certification process of a global payment scheme. NXP's biometric solution enables biometric cards to work without a battery as it is only activated by the energy emitted by the payment terminal. This solution is the first dual-interface biometric technology to achieve certification for a payment scheme. A key requirement is that the storage of the fingerprint reference template and the matching of the captured fingerprint takes place in the secure environment of a Secure Element.

    Applus+ Laboratories carried out the security evaluation for the whole system, including both the biometric processing and the payment application, in order to evaluate resistance to possible security attacks such as Side Channel and Fault Injection.

    Applus+ is accredited as a security laboratory by the main global payment schemes, and has experience in evaluating innovative payment products, such as bank cards with buttons, batteries or screens.

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