Applus+ Laboratories broadens its Nadcap accreditation, enhancing its testing services to manufacturers of aircraft engines and structures


    Our Barcelona materials laboratory has new accredited machining capabilities enabling it to carry out the drilling and polishing of specimens required for fatigue tests.

    Applus+ Laboratories has broadened the scope of its Nadcap metallic materials testing (MTL) accreditation with new machining and specimen-preparation capabilities (Z2). Our laboratory in Barcelona (Spain) is now accredited to drill and polish specimens for high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue testing (HCF and LCF).

    Fatigue tests are key to characterising the lifespan and controlling the quality of metals and alloys used in aircrafts and helicopter engines and structures.

    Several Applus+ laboratories already provide fatigue testing services. With this new accreditation, Applus+ will be able to offer a more comprehensive service, handling the machining and extraction of test specimens under the strict Nadcap quality criteria.

    Strategic supplier of materials tests to the aerospace sector

    Applus+ boasts a global network of materials testing laboratories – in Spain, France, Germany, the US and China. Our laboratories are Nadcap-accredited for their testing activities as well as being recognised by the primary aerospace manufacturers.