Applus+ tests the ventilators that hospitals need to face the Coronavirus crisis

    • Applus+ is working with manufacturers and the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) to test the respirators that are ever so essential for those most affected by the Coronavirus.
    • Manufacturers have designed prototypes in record time and Applus+ is working alongside them to speed up the validation processes.

    The Spanish corporation Applus+, one of the world’s leading companies in the TIC sector, is selflessly testing the ventilators that hospitals need to look after the most critical patients during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Applus+ Laboratories is working 24/7 at its technological centre in Bellaterra (Barcelona) to test ventilator prototypes and get them authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS).

    The validation of these prototypes usually takes weeks. Applus+ is mobilising all of its resources to speed up the process and bring it down to 48 hours without sacrificing the eye for detail required. Applus+ Laboratories conducts three key tests on the ventilators: electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrical safety and the functional measurement of the pressure flow.


    EMC and electrical safety testing guarantee that the ventilators do not cause interferences that could affect other equipment at the ICU, their ability to withstand wave interference from other nearby devices and their robustness and insulation when faced with electrical risks derived from overheating and improper usage. From a functional perspective, the ventilators’ measurement sensors are tested to ensure they are precise and allow for the exact amount of oxygen that patients require.

    Additionally, Applus+ Laboratories collaborates with other companies to test the face masks required by healthcare professionals to tend to patients affected by Covid-19, verifying their breathability.

    “We are proud to support all these initiatives and contribute, with our capabilities and knowledge, to improve and validate essential equipment such as ventilators”, says Jordi Brufau, Executive Vice President Applus+ Laboratories.

    Applus+ donates medical supplies

    From its headquarters in Tarragona (Catalonia), Applus+ IDIADA has donated medical supplies to El Vendrell Hospital and nearby local governments.

    After receiving multiple requests, the Division has provided them with hand sanitizer, surgical masks and disposable hospital gowns. “These are essential supplies for us and we are aware that we could run out of them, but we feel it’s the right thing to do given the situation”, stated Josep Maria Farran, Executive Vice President Applus+ IDIADA.

    For more information, please contact María de Sancha Tel.:+34691250977

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