Applus+ Successfully delivers Remote Tube Inspection


    Applus+, a market leader in the provision of NDT and Inspection services, has successfully delivered the first remote and live streamed NDT Inspection program for a major oil and gas client in Australia. The Applus+ team were able to connect with colleagues, subject matter experts and the client globally via a live feed whilst performing highly advanced near field array (NFA) tube inspection.

    The Applus+ team on-site manipulated the probe and camera systems whilst the subject matter experts and analysts were situated on the other side of the world, remotely operating the software to collect and analyse the data. The client also joined the live-streamed event and was able to have input into the inspection in real-time. A constant video and audio feed of the inspection was streamed online whilst the inspection data as it was analysed with constant communication.

    The ability to provide innovative and technologically advanced and progressive advanced NDT services is a credit to the Applus+ team in a challenging environment.
    The inspection was executed at a significantly reduced time compared to conventional means and the obvious time and cost savings associated with having personnel on the facility also proved a success. The client had insight that has never been seen before!

    Applus+ offers a significant range of Digital Solutions, including remote inspection of various other advanced NDT technologies, combined with 3D services, Digital Twin, UAV and Remote Visual Inspection.

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