Applus+ successfully performs DTI project in France


    At the beginning of 2019, Applus+ was granted a 3-year framework agreement (50% of the scope) with a major international energy client in France. Under French legislation, companies must periodically examine their assets for wall thickness reduction and pipeline mapping (using GPS).

    The range of gas pipes in each location presented a challenge, as did the variety, with some being dual-diameter. With the client’s agreement, Applus+ undertook DTI Trekscan services to meet the challenge.

    Traditionally, the internal inspection of unpiggable pipelines is often cost-prohibitive or too problematic for effective pipeline integrity management. The DTI Trekscan developed by Applus+ addresses these challenges, with key design attributes that allow successful inline inspection of unpiggable pipelines. The resulting report provides operators with ranked and screened ultrasonic survey data that facilitates maintenance planning for the pipeline segments in question.

    In addition to inspection and mapping, the project also dealt with water management, cleaning, gauging and emptying the pipes. Considerable saving in both time and money for the client was achieved. Overall, the project was delivered on time and to the highest quality standards, from the sales-pre-engineering-operations through to delivery of the final report.

    Applus+ exhibited excellent performance in operations, including clean working, rapid reporting, high quality inspection and the presence of a senior team in the field. Throughout the project, Applus+ met deadlines, communicated well, found cost savings and delivered consistently high quality work. As a result, the client has recommended Applus+ to its other facilities and has invited key stakeholders from other offices in Northern Europe (England and Germany) to attend a live demonstration in France to introduce Applus+.