Data analysis is the key to making informed decisions. Within today’s digital world, vast amounts of information is available, yet spread across multiple sources, making data difficult to correlate and substantiate at times of critical need. There is a cross-industry need for the effective assessment of current and historical data with a view to properly identifying risk and planning for the future. InSite is a unique data-management solution developed by Applus+ that enables our experts to leverage the data we collect in the field to help improve our customers’ inspection solutions. Utilising our visualisation tools to interact with data, we can test predictive models and hypotheses against real-world scenarios. Drawing on a variety of data-analysis methods, including data mining and statistical correlation, our future inspection processes can be improved through machine learning. Our goal is to provide our customers with real business intelligence.

The Applus+ approach to data analysis is to start by understanding the operational requirements of the client and only then drawing up a detailed reporting map. Various avenues exist to aid clients in their data-analysis endeavours, through the use of customer-defined IDMS suites and/or the Applus+-developed InSite solution. Additional smart tools have been developed for use across multiple systems to optimise the collection, upload, archive and display of data.
The InSite Solution is the result of collaboration from across the global Applus+ network of experts – and its customers. Our customers are forced, daily, to make difficult decisions while finding a balance between efficiency, cost savings and mission-critical workflows. In many situations, we find that decisions are made based on historical and conservative measures that may not be cost-effective, but maintain the integrity of the system. We understand that approach but want to enable our customers to start making choices that decrease costs and still maintain, or even improve, system reliability.
With our data-management solution, we can leverage large datasets of historical information. No other solution can correlate data across industries, systems and workflows the way InSite does. Performing statistical analysis and data mining based on limited information can only provide a partial picture. Our goal is to move our customers closer to the complete picture.
InSite’s real-world predictive models can be used to inform both time-critical decisions and longer-term planning. Dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs) and data visualisations can be customised to track metrics by facility, system, workflow or region or to suit any other business need.
The benefits of effective data analysis are not limited to any one particular industry, as all operations require their own forms of intelligence when making crucial decisions. Identifying and collaborating with clients concerning the information they require is key to recognising relevant data and displaying it in a manner that best serves the end-user.
The InSite data analysis tools and modules are of use to a variety of our clients’ teams. Project-management teams, for example, can gain greater insight into preventative maintenance based on quantitative analysis and trends, and engineers can leverage predictive-modelling tools for structural design and achieve overall cost savings.
Effective data analysis is not meant to be a reactionary tool, but a proactive one used for safety, integrity and cost control. Developing KPIs from data collected provides users with up-to-date information concerning their assets so that they can manage their operations and risks appropriately, ultimately leading to a safer and more productive working environment, while keeping cost-control measures at the forefront.

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