Rise of Applus+ RVIS drones…at NAM in Den Helder


    Drones are redefining asset management standards, from asset inspection to security rounds, drones are slowly but increasingly gaining popularity.

    We all feel that there is “A” potential for drones in oil & gas industry, however, between tight governmental regulations and the usual slow pace of adopting new technologies we are tiptoeing around the full potential.
    Together with Shell and NAM Applus+ RVIS is testing the full potential of drones on a production plot. Drones and drone pilots were sent to NAM Den Helder to assist people in their daily work for one month. The goal of the project is to uncover potential applications of drones on plot and their benefits.
    Drone are deployed in 4 main disciplines:
    1. Assets Inspection
    2. Surveys
    3. Security
    4. Health & Safety (HSE)
    The pilot project at NAM is part of the ‘Automated Assets” program created by Applus+ RVIS. Our goals are to increase safety and security while empowering visual inspections and RBI (risk based inspections). We would like to see drones integrate in daily work at an oil & gas plant to:
    • Lower costs directly in inspections.
    • Save money indirectly with prolonging assets life and reducing the likelihood of accidents.
    • Improve safety.

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