Applus+ in Colombia participates in the social initiative Plan Todos Somos Pazcífico (“We Are All Peace-cific Plan”)


    In 2014, The Colombian government declared equality in the Pacific region a priority. Based on this declaration, the government has created the “Fund for the Development of the Plan Todos Somos Pazcífico" (PTSP), administered by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. The objective of this fund is to finance and invest in the region's most urgent needs to promote the integral development of the Pacific coast, contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of the area.

    The three lines of work for the PTSP are:

    1. Aqueduct and basic sanitation: reduce the gaps between the coastline and the Andean Pacific strip, in respect of the provision of these services.
    2. Energisation: promote access to reliable, efficient and sustainable electrical energy; improve the promotion of sustainable energy solutions; and reduce dependence on fossils fuels.
    3. Transport connectivity: reduce travel time and operating costs for cargo and passengers in the area.

    The specific role of Applus+ in this initiative is to carry out comprehensive supervision on the electrification and standardisation projects for electrical networks, which also include projects for renewable energy. In respect of the energy sector, PTPS seeks to improve the inhabitants' quality of life in this area of Colombia. As noted, the plan's objectives reduce fossil-fuel consumption through electrical interconnection, and provide stand-alone solutions with the use of renewable energies.

    The delivery of these projects by Applus+, where we have sent over 30 professionals, plans to benefit more than 6,500 users in the areas of Chocó, Cauca and Nariño. 

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