Applus+ Laboratories to show its global materials testing and engineering service capabilities at SAMPE’s 75th edition in Charlotte, USA, 2019

    At SAMPE 2019, Applus+ Laboratories Division will present its latest advances in materials testing, materials simulation, materials data management, NDT inspection and advanced manufacturing processes for stringers, with its multi-disciplined team of experts and specialists from laboratories in the US and across its global network.
    Digital solutions for materials testing: bridging laboratories to databases to products development
    Digitalization is transforming data management, and Applus+ DatapointLabs will be showing its materials data-management technology, Materiality.
    Materiality’s software and infrastructure offer a unique solution to make materials information accessible across the enterprise at many phases of the product lifecycle, consolidating and managing all material data onto one single platform. Materiality builds highly varied data into libraries that aid engineers, CAE engineers, test laboratories, and designers to transform material data easily and make it available for CAD and CAE materials data applications.
    SAMPE 2019 will also see Applus+ DatapointLabs highlight TestPaks, a digitalized solution to streamline material modelling that is helping CAE engineers to select the right material models, generate the right data, and enter the right data seamlessly into their CAE programmes. Developed with the collaboration of all the major global CAE vendors, our team will be showing the solution to designers and engineers who need enterprise-wide digital tools for product development and simulation.
    State-of-the-art customized NDT: automated inspection machinery for large complex geometries
    Arcadia Aerospace, an Applus+ company specialised in NDT-inspection technology, will be at SAMPE to detail its state-of-the art solution for NDT inspections of large or complex geometries. Arcadia develops customized automated NDT equipment to inspect large components using robotic, gantry, and immersion tanks systems. SAMPE’s visitors can see Arcadia’s applied engineering for NDT services covering:
    • Multiple inspection technologies: conventional ultrasonic, phased array, thermographic and digital x-ray inspections
    • Bespoke equipment capable of up to 32-axis in synchronized motion, in a single coordinate system
    • Highly efficient throughput rates for challenging geometries and curvatures
    Arcadia operates facilities in Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and California, and offers creative business solutions to provide machinery and technical personal at client facilities.
    Material Testing at Applus+ Laboratories
    Applus+ Laboratories will also be on hand to offer advice on its end-to-end testing services for composite and metallic materials, offered at centers in the US and from around its Nadcap-accredited global network. Material experts from Applus+ will be at SAMPE to offer insights and expertise by presenting our portfolio of services for material characterization and quality assurance.
    A+ Glide Forming: A new automated manufacturing process
    The team from Applus+ Laboratories will attend SAMPE to show the A+ Glide Forming, an innovative technology, developed and patented by Applus+, to produce stringers with complex contours. The process is ready for use with thermoset composites and dry preforms, and Applus+ technicians are also validating A+ Glide Forming for thermoplastic applications.