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At Applus+, we respect the human rights of each person we have a relationship with, whether they are employees or a third party. This is enshrined in the Applus+ Code of Ethics, created in accordance with the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) guiding principles for multinational companies, the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) performance standards, and the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.  

This commitment goes beyond the professionals who are a part of the company and includes those involved throughout the value chain, as well as those communities where we operate, including indigenous communities. Applus+ also commits to providing special attention to vulnerable groups.  

Our objective is to establish principles and action guidelines that allow the identification, prevention, mitigation and reparation of any negative impact from the company’s operations and our commercial relationships, both current or potential, as well as increasing the positive consequences of our operations.


Applus+ is committed to:

  1. Respecting our employees’ human rights. Promote a culture of respect for human rights among employees, designing specific training and implementing tools to prevent any infringement of those rights. Ensure our employees have access to communication and complaint channels that allow them to inform Applus+ of situations which have a possible impact on their rights. Applus+ employees have the right to enjoy a dignified, safe and healthy work environment. Applus+ has an anti-discrimination policy to ensure non-discrimination. The company is committed to providing our employees with a work environment that is free from any form of harassment, intimidation or violence, and the  company has a Global Anti-discrimination Policy in place to safeguard this commitment in accordance with ILO standards.
  2. Identifying, preventing, eradicating and rectifying any case of child labour exploitation in the environment of our operations, in a way that ensures the complete elimination of such malpractice. We will ensure that our hiring policies stipulate prevention and control measures for the minimum working age in accordance with ILO standards, or the applicable legislation where this is more restrictive.
  3. Offering a decent job. Applus+ compensates our employees in a dignified manner, adjusted to their training, experience, responsibilities and functions, in accordance with the applicable legislation and the socio-economic context. The company also guarantees the right of our employees to rest in accordance with local legislation. In the absence of an applicable legal framework, Applus+ will establish the necessary conditions to guarantee that our employees enjoy such right. Applus+ ensures the right of our professionals to the protection of their personal data and their privacy. Applus+ provides employees with flexible work practices to reconcile their work life with other interests and responsibilities. The company seeks to create a work environment that adapts to the personal and family circumstances of each employee, without losing the demand and focus on results.
  4. Recognising the right of our employees to establish or participate in organisations whose purpose is to defend and promote the employees’ interests, and the company does not interfere with their choices in this regard. The company also recognises workers’ right to union representation within the different work units, and other forms of representation chosen, in accordance with the legislation and practices in force in the different countries where the employment relationship is developed. Applus+ recognises the value of collective bargaining as a preferred instrument for determining the contractual conditions of our employees, as well as for regulating relations between the management and unions.
  5. Ensuring that occupational health and safety conditions are respected in the workplace. Applus+ promotes the dissemination and reinforcement of a culture of safety, developing an awareness of risk, and we encourage responsible behaviour from all employees through information and training sessions.
  6. Respecting the rights of local communities and contributing to the implementation of these rights, including free and informed consultation activities. Applus+ commits, where applicable, to give special attention to the most vulnerable communities, promoting local development projects for the benefit of those communities.
  7. Rejecting the use of any form of forced or compulsory labour as defined in the ILO 29th Convention.
  8. Respecting our clients’ human rights. The company rejects any type of discrimination against clients and users of products or services, and we respect the right to privacy at all times, correctly protecting and using the personal data entrusted by our clients and users.


Our Code of Ethics provides the highest regulatory level within the Applus+ Group, and the Policy develops an essential part of the Code. Anyone who violates our Code, and this Policy in particular, could endanger the company and may therefore be subject to disciplinary measures and/or legal sanctions.

All stakeholders – both internal and external – must inform of any breaches to our commitment and policies through the Ethics & Compliance Communication Channel.

The Applus+ Ethics & Compliance Communications Channel allows employees, clients and other stakeholders to ask questions and raise concerns confidentially. There will be no reprisal of any kind against those who raise questions through this channel.


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