3D Laser Scanning

Three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning has emerged as the dominant technology for collecting data on facilities with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy and in a relatively short timeframe. By helping to capture accurate, 3D information, the technique provides an ideal tool to aid in the planning of facility life-cycles.
This technology is already in use in a wide range of industries. It can be of benefit during the engineering and design phases (to support the adaptation of existing facilities) or during the operational and maintenance phases (to ensure safety and efficiency).
Applus+ was one of the first companies to offer 3D laser scanning. We have been working with this technology since 2002, using a tried-and-tested methodology. Our comprehensive portfolio of laser-scanning services includes:
  • 3D laser-scan point clouds (colour point clouds with a high-dynamic range)
  • High-accuracy dimensional-control survey to assist our clients during design, fabrication and installation
  • Multi-disciplinary, as-built 3D models in industry-standard software formats (PDMS / SP3D / AutoPlant / AutoCad 3D Plant, etc.)
  • 2D as-built piping and instrumentation diagrams and other electrical and instrumentation documentation
  • Full integration of 3D as-builts (3D model and point cloud), 2D as-builts with industry-standard asset integrity management (AIM) and product life-cycle management (PLM) solutions.
Applus+ offers a one-stop solution including support and maintenance for the entire life-cycle of an installation (from design to decommissioning).