Through INNOVATION, we create knowledge and technologies that give us an advantageous position in the markets where we operate.

Our innovative approach generates efficiency improvements, as well as new revenue streams, which benefit our Company, our clients, society and the environment.

INNOVATIVE solutions for our clients is fundamental to the Applus+ Group’s purpose, as are technological advances in TIC processes for more sustainable, safe and environmental-friendly products or industry processes.

We continue to increase our investment and efforts in innovation to create technologies that promote safety and quality of life in our society, as well as reduce the carbon footprint.

Applus+ has continued working on initiatives to develop digital technologies and services, in line with the demands of our markets. To coordinate the Group’s implementation of digital technologies, we have established a corporate unit to integrate the digital transformation and lay the foundations for the changes we can deliver in our sectors.

For further information, see the full Applus+ CSR Report 2019



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