A health and safety management audit is a structured process of collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total system and drawing up plans for corrective action. Auditing examines each stage in the H&S management system by measuring compliance with the controls the organisation has developed, with the ultimate aim of assessing their effectiveness and their validity for the future.





Health and safety auditing is applicable to all businesses, in all sectors.
The objectives of this type of audit are to inform a company:
  • How well it is performing in the area of health and safety
  • Whether managers and other personnel are meeting the standards set by the company
  • Whether the company is complying with the H&S laws that affect its business 
Health and safety systems can be subject to examination by external stakeholders, including independent audit organisations, customers or enforcing authorities.
However, auditing is also undertaken internally (first-party audits), often forming part of a 'self-declaration of conformity'.
The Applus+ health and safety auditing procedure can be broken down into four key stages:
  1. Planning: The personnel designated as responsible according to the company’s HSE audit plan will appoint an audit manager and compose an audit team
  2. Execution: The audit team will conduct the audit, which will consist of pre-assessment, interviews, inspections and a final meeting
  3. Reporting: The audit manager shall submit the audit report to the manager of the audited company, who will in turn share it with the company's board and other stakeholders
  4. Archiving: HSE audit reports are archived according to very strict criteria
Using the independent Applus+ HSE auditing service helps our clients to:
  • Feel confident that they meet current legislation and best-practice standards
  • Project a positive company image to third parties
  • Reassure their staff that health and safety is taken seriously
  • Ensure that both the organisation and its personnel are competent to fulfil their respective health and safety responsibilities
  • Reduce their insurance premiums by demonstrating their health and safety competence to their insurance providers

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