Health, Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment Systems (HSECES) are those equipment and systems whose failure could cause or contribute to an accident with severe or catastrophic consequences or whose purpose it is to prevent or limit the effect of such accidents. Our services identify, document, and guide clients on the most efficient ways of managing these Equipment Systems in order to minimise their failure risk.





The objectives of our Health, Safety and Environmental Critical Equipment Systems services are to support our clients by:
  • drawing up performance standards for all identified HSECES
  • providing qualitative and quantitative performance requirements for each piece of equipment or computer programme
  • protecting people and the environment from major hazards such as fire, explosions and the emission of toxic gases or fumes
  • ensuring the effective and safe evacuation of people from affected areas of the site, the evacuation of the entire site and/or the transfer of people to safety
In every operation, there are critical equipment systems that must function properly and be monitored correctly in order to prevent any sort of disruption or damage, as any failure may result in major accidents.
Applus+ has the knowledge and practical experience to help you benchmark your current HSECES activities and determine what else needs to be done. We can train your workforce, support programme implementation and help you reduce your HSECES-related problems.
We will come up with the necessary plans and programmes to help you systematically improve the monitoring of these systems.
Our systematic approach to identifying HSE Critical Equipment and Systems
  • Identifying hazards and effects
  • Assessing their significance
  • Providing control for threats
  • Providing recovery preparedness in the event that control is lost
We start by benchmarking your current activities and highlighting your potential
exposure to significant HSE risk. We then look at the bigger picture, to see what changes can be made to the way you work and quantifying the positive impact these would have on your business.
The HSE Critical Systems comprise threat controls (barriers), recovery preparedness measures and associated escalation controls.
Identifying potential HSECES risks and taking the necessary measures to deal with them quickly and effectively is crucial in any business since the failure of these systems could cause or contribute to an accident with severe consequences to people, the environment and/or a business.

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