The Applus+ Non-Destructive Testing Scoping and Budgeting service provides our clients with a reliable and well-reasoned scope and budget for their NDT projects.





This service is aimed at clients who do not have the necessary technical expertise in house to reliably establish the scope of an NDT project and/or work out the budget required to execute it. We also work with companies who have undertaken a scoping and budgeting exercise in house, but would like the outcomes checked by experts before embarking on the project.
It can be quite a challenge to determine the correct scope and budget for any project, especially where NDT is involved. Applus+ has the knowledge and experience to establish reliable project scopes, whether based on existing inspection plans/schedules or creating them from scratch.
NDT scoping and budgeting will be carried out by one of our project managers, all of whom have extensive knowledge of NDT projects. We are able to base the scope and budget on our extensive past experience. Our company is unique in having over 75 years of experience scoping and executing NDT projects all over the world and across various industries. As a result, there is virtually no NDT project that we have not seen before.
In summary, our project managers can reliably estimate scope and budget for any NDT-related project. We draw on our extensive experience in and knowledge of the NDT field, which we have built up over the past century.
Outsourcing NDT scoping and budgeting to Applus+ offers our clients the following benefits:
  • The stress-free process results in a reliable and realistic scope that an NDT company would be happy to execute as well as the identification of an appropriate budget and a reasonable contingency based on our extensive experience
  • New scopes are created by subject experts and based on the latest insights in the NDT field
  • Existing scopes are validated by NDT experts and changes suggested if these could enhance efficiency (e.g. advanced NDT techniques to save time)

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