Applus+ currently deploy Graphic Information System (GIS) mapping to track all field assets related to the petroleum industry. GIS for oil and gas assets include pipelines, fittings, gauge settings, lease information, tank farms, Cogen plants and sensitive receptors. The geomatics surveying services at Applus+ utilises industry-standard ESRI software for GIS data collection, storage and retrieval. This data can be made available via the InSite application, transferred directly to the client or served as a hybrid solution. The field collections are performed by trained and certified GPS Technicians with Trimble GEO units with accuracy down to 1 foot. Applus+ have been performing services in geomatics surveying since 2007, and we have become a reference for our GIS work.


The geomatics surveying from Applus+ offers its clients a significant advantage with our expertise in GIS data collection and analysis. We can provide customised web solutions, offer integration into InSite and assist with linking GIS data to other databases to expand its usefulness. In terms of added value, Applus+ has a wide global footprint for providing geomatics surveying services; a strong in-house GPS certification process for GIS data collection and management; and customised GIS mapping solutions. Applus+ has established GIS processes and workflows which allow a relatively small team to collect and manage a large amount of data. We have also worked with ESRI’s latest JavaScript offering, which enables a 3D view of GIS data within the web browser.


Geomatics surveying and GIS mapping have many business applications. The majority of our GIS mapping work consists of documenting existing assets. We also perform pipeline GIS mapping to track and document construction projects, routing/easement and optimisation of pipeline routes. Geomatics surveying also has many uses in the field of environmental regulation and compliance. 


The benefits of deploying a team of GIS surveying and geomatics experts from Applus+ include:

  • An understanding of existing assets
  • Enhanced planning of new construction for pipeline routes, roads, tunnels and proximity to sensitive receptors
  • Linking of GID data collection and geospatial data to external databases, which can provide greater insight ad better GIS analysis into the relationships between separate aspects of business
  • Accessing GIS data collection on a secure, hosted platform within the browser 
  • Cost savings from greater efficiency
  • More effective decision making
  • Enhanced communication
  • Enhanced asset integrity management for large operations, geographically spread

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