Gathering appropriate, high-quality information before embarking on road or bridge design is critical to the long-term reliability of these structures. Road and bridge inspection services can also provide inventories of roadway and bridge conditions to assist in roadway repair and management and thereby maximise the efficiency of work crews and budgets.

Applus+’s geophysics teams characterise roadways and bridges by way of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and falling weight deflectometer (FWD), both of which are non-destructive techniques. The use of GPR allows data to be collected while travelling at high speeds and rapidly interpreted. Applus+s highly experienced and knowledgeable geophysics specialists employ state-of-the-art GPR processing and 3D visualisation software to provide and evaluate trusted GPR solutions.
Our extensive network of offices, all around the world, mean that we can serve clients at short notice, wherever they are based.
Road and Bridge inspection services are of relevance to national and/or regional public authorities responsible for the construction and maintenance of roadways. They can be used in both the design and the maintenance phases of an asset’s life-cycle. Inspections are also perfomed while the roadway is in operation either to monitor quality or to determine engineering parameters.
Clients gain the following benefits by turning to Applus+’s road and bridge services:
  • A greater understanding of design parameters
  • A simple and effective quality-control mechanism
  • Proactive condition assessments, thereby preventing emergency shutdowns
  • Cost savings as a result of being able to target work crews and budgets where they are needed most