Applus+ RTD developed the HEX system following a request from a client to provide an alternative access solution for the internal inspection and maintenance of a sphere (spherical gas tank). The Milos truss system was developed in house with consultation provided by Milos themselves (the manufacturer of the truss equipment).

Applus+ HEX provides an alternative access solution to a work scope which has traditionally required full scaffolding in order to facilitate personnel.
The HEX, along with rope-access techniques, provides a far more robust system with many benefits for the client. The lightweight, hexagonal, aluminium trussed frame is built on site and suspended using certified lifting equipment and a central rigging point.
The HEX system provides 360-degree access for trained competent personnel to provide a suite of services from inspection preparation to advanced non-destructive testing.
Applus+-trained personnel can provide supervision for external contractors requiring access using the specialist fall-arrest system.
This service is of benefit to any client with spherical tanks requiring internal inspection or maintenance. These tanks typically run on an inspection cycle of 5 or 10 years, depending on the client.
Clients who turn to the Applus+ HEX access system benefit from:
  • Significantly reduced tank downtime (scaffolding = up to 6 months, HEX = 1 month)
  • Cost savings – fewer materials required therefore lower costs to client
  • Improved lighting due to the open system
  • Access to multiple areas within the sphere at any given time, allowing inspections and/or maintenance work to be performed simultaneously
  • The possibility of performing external works at the same time as internal works