Pipeline New Construction

During the transportation or storage of oil and gas, it is essential that pipelines and storage tanks are completely safe. This is the case during construction of the asset, when each weld undergoes non-destructive testing (NDT) according to stringent industry standards.
Applus+ has a long history of providing NDT services in this field. Our focus has always been on using the most appropriate inspection method for the job in question and on providing the highest quality of inspection. In some cases, the best approach may be a traditional inspection technique. However, as construction companies continue to improve their construction and welding processes, more advanced methods are increasingly required. Such methods include phased array (Rotoscan) or automated full-matrix-capture (IWEX) ultrasonic inspection and real-time digital radiography (Rayscan).
At Applus+, we continuously strive to develop and improve our inspection technologies to make sure that we can continue meeting client demands for decades to come.