Wireless-network design ranges from the initial production of coverage simulations to field-data collection, project planning, budgeting and materials' inventory, right through to final as-built certification and delivery for all types of wireless-communication technologies.





This service is aimed at operators of mobile telecommunications networks (DCS, UMTS, GSM, LTE and 5G) as well as of TV and radio – mainly as private sponsors of telecommunications networks (WIFI, WIMAX, LMDS). 
Applus+ provides an integrated project-management service for the development of new wireless communication networks from initial concept right through to launch. Our work takes place over various stages:
  1. Identification of a suitable network location
  2. Verification of the area’s technical and economic feasibility
  3. Management of licences and legal procedures
  4. Design of the technical solution
  5. Preparation of an approved technical project and all other documents required for the purposes of acquiring permits
  6. Management and monitoring of works
  7. Issuing of final certificates
  8. On-side management of occupational health and safety
Our team of highly trained experts has years of experience and access to state-of-the-art equipment. We work with all the main companies in the sector, giving us a real advantatge over our competitors.
Applus+ has a range of wireless-network simulation and design tools as well as engineers with in-depth experience in mobile networks, Wimax, Tetra and TDT. We have been designing mobile and wireless networks for over 20 years, partnering with the primary telephone operators as well as with public agencies. Therefore, we know their standards, procedures, regulations and equipment inside out.

Advantages of partnering with Applus+ in design of a new wireless netword include:

  • Improved QoS (quality of service)
  • Optimised networks
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved relations with pubic agencies
  • Reduced staff workload