Technical supervision takes place during the roll-out phase of any new telecommunications network and involves: site management; monitoring of the works; quality assurance; control of the schedule and budget to prevent overspend; health and safety management; and ensuring compliance with the standards required by the client.





Technical supervision is of relevance to any project related to the development of a new telecommunications network, or parts thereof, in which multiple parties are participating and for which the client requires third-party involvement for the purposes of project supervision and quality assurance (QA/QC). Technical supervision services provide the client with information regarding the current status of the works and peace of mind concerning project schedule, quality and budget.
This service is aimed at any companies that are operating telecommunications infrastructures; implementing, developing or enhancing networks; or managing incidents on their existing networks. It may also be of use to construction companies and suppliers involved in the installation of telecommunications equipment.
Applus+ technical-supervision teams ensure that a client’s objectives are met during the development and/or enhancement of a telecommunications network, which often involves a multitude of different players. Our work methodology is based on web-based computer applications that allow the customer to interact easily with the different companies involved.
We provide the following services:
  • Supervision of the deployment of mobile telecommunications networks (GSM, DCS, UMTS, Wimax, LMDS)
  • Location acquisition, sharing and transfer
  • Supervision of fixed telecommunications and optical-fibre networks
  • Incident-management system for in-service networks
  • Occupational-risk prevention
Our field teams work with tablet- or smartphone-based applications specially developed by Applus+ (such as Moon or Movi+), which allow for the on-the-spot recording of data regarding the current status of works. All data is analysed and processed using our customised, business-intelligent based reporting tools, giving our client immediate online access to all relevant project information.
We have been working in this field for some 20 years in a variety of locations around the world, making us the perfect partner for a vast range of telecommunications projects.
By drawing on Applus+ technical-supervision services, our clients can:
  • Ensure that deadlines are met and the project schedule adhered to
  • Make cost savings in terms of investment and development
  • Adopt technical solutions while minimising investment
  • Legalise locations
  • Directly access instantaneous, traceable and detailed information about the project status, enabling quick decisions to be taken
  • Rapidly identify recurring problems or stakeholders that are not upholding the requisite quality standards, enabling immediate action to be taken