The 'Work-at-Height Regulations' require the inspection of certain work equipment and places of work. The regulations also require every employer to ensure that no person engages in any activity involving work at height (including organisation, planning and supervision) or who handles any equipment intended for such use unless he or she is competent to do so.





The Applus+ scaffolding inspection and training service is aimed at managers, supervisors and operators who are responsible for inspecting scaffolds and completing reports in accordance with statutory regulations.
Scaffolding inspection and training is required in any industry while designing, erecting, dismantling, altering and supervising scaffolding operations.
Scaffolding is one of the highest-risk occupations in the construction industry and every year there are numerous injuries and even deaths caused by scaffold-related accidents. By running professional, supervised courses, Applus+ can help its clients to minimise the chances of accidents occurring – accidents which far too often have appalling consequences.
Our solution is to provide expert training and certification at onshore and offshore locations for all categories of scaffolders:
  • Basic scaffolding safety awareness
  • Scaffolding supervisor awareness
  • Scaffolding inspector awareness
  • Scaffolding safety awareness for supervisory /inspection
All Applus+ scaffold training courses are executed to NASC, TG20-13, SG4-10, SG6, BS EN 12811, Scafftag System, CISRS and CITB standards. They therefore conform to all relevant British and European Standards for scaffolding works, which are also approved throughout the Middle East and are QP approved for the Qatar market.
Other scaffolding services provided by Applus+ include:
  • Inspection of erected scaffolding structures
  • Load tests
  • Certification of scaffolding structures as safe-for-use
  • Certification of materials as conforming to all relevant scaffolding safety standards before deployment to site
  • Verification of design drawings with their calculations
Applus+ scaffolding training courses provide an in-depth understanding of scaffolding components, forms of construction and inspection procedures, right up to the development of core management skills required to supervise safe scaffolding operations.
Applus+ scaffolding inspection services are vital to clients who do not have a certified inspector in-house and help to avoid unsafe scaffold structures being used. Our verification of scaffold design drawings and calculations service also helps to ensure that structures are able to stand the requisite load.