Resistivity surveys offer many benefits to environmental and engineering projects. They are used to determine the ability of a location’s soil and rock to ground an electrical system. Resistivity imaging is used to delineate differing electrical conductivity with depth and can be used to locate environmental contamination, water leaching through a dam or other changes in resistivity. In karst landscapes, resistivity imaging can detect anomalies that may lead to sinkholes. Self-potential surveys can be used to delineate locations where water is passing through a structure. This may be a dam that is leaking and could lead to failure or a water impoundment that is leaking into the groundwater. Apparent conductivity surveys can be used to delineate the edges of former landfills as well as shallow environmental-contamination plumes.





Resistivity surveys are of relevance to a range of sectors, but are especially applicable in the energy industry. Electrical-resistivity testing can be requested or required in the planning phases of expanding infrastructure projects such as new cell-phone towers, electrical substations, wind farms and power plants.
Applus+ has a highly trained and knowledgeable field staff with experience of carrying out these types of surveys in many different environments. We also have in-depth experience of data interpretation and analysis. As we have encountered many different types of sites and issues and helped clients with wide-ranging requirements, we can provide customised surveys that are tailored to the sites in question and that will provide the answers our clients are looking for. We have a wide network of support staff and support offices to help facilitate the provision of services, wherever they may be required.
Applus+ can also be of assistance in locations that already have standing master service agreements or work authorisations by demonstrating new solutions and survey methods to existing clients to help them improve their projects and facilities.
Partnering with Applus+ RTD for a resistivity solution affords the following benefits, amongst others:
  • High level of quality – our geophysical experts provide the best available data-collection and interpretation services.
  • Cost effectiveness – we select the optimal collection parameters so as to collect the best data the first time.
  • Professional reports – discussing both the technology used as well as in-depth results and interpretations.
  • Non-destructive technology
  • Rapid results – most of our results are obtained in a few hours to allow for the rapid assessment of survey data.