RTD INCOTEST™ - Velocity Flash Magazine n.2


    Applus+ is a leading global supplier of NDT services. One of its unique inspection methods offered is the RTD INCOTEST™ system (INsulated COmponent TESTing).

    RTD INCOTEST™ is a fast, accurate and reliable way of surveying ferrous pipes and vessels through their thermal insulation. RTD INCOTEST™ does not disturb insulation or coatings and provides accurate results through aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel claddings up to 200mm thickness. Furthermore, insulation may be hot or cold (-150°C to +500°C), wet, rough, encrusted, irregular, heterogeneous, or even wire mesh.

    Through its excellent repeatability, RTD INCOTEST™ is ideally suited for baseline and periodic monitoring services.With the high interest in this and other unique Applus+ inspection methods around the Middle East, it has provided an excellent opportunity to carry out demonstrations of our advanced inspection equipment to potential interested parties in the oil & gas sectors. Particularly concentrating on the RTD INCOTEST™ system.

    Such a demonstration was organized at the Equate site office in Kuwait, where we carried out a working demonstration of the RTD INCOTEST™ system to Equate representatives. As well as this, a demonstration and lunch was put on at the Rotana Hotel. Representatives from KOC, Equate and Stork were invited. A large turnout of over 30 representatives attended the event. A working demonstration of RTD INCOTEST™ was also shown to the attendees, along with other Applus+ advanced inspection methods. Many questions and queries were answered during these demonstrations and the attendees received some excellent first-hand experience.

    In addition, we also carried out a demonstration and trial inspection at GASCO in Ruwais (UAE) and their response to the trial inspection was highly welcomed.