Pipeline rehabilitation: a market opportunity in the Middle East


    The Applus+ Energy & Industry Division, through its Applus+ Velosi brand, is directly responsible for pipeline rehabilitation, with a dedicated business unit built around a core range of “No-Dig” trenchless services, focusing on pipeline inspection, condition assessment and trenchless rehabilitation of gravity pipelines.


    “No-Dig” or trenchless technology consists of installing, repairing or renewing underground pipes, ducts and cables using techniques that minimise or eliminate the need for excavation. After assessing the condition of the pipelines, a wide range of trenchless repair techniques is available to rehabilitate the existing pipe and restore its use for over 50 years, without the need for excavation.

    Recent additions to the range of trenchless services include “live insertion”, under pressure, leak detection and condition assessment of pressurised pipelines. Recent technological developments mean that it is now possible to accurately locate leaks and provide clients with internal closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection of pipelines that cannot be taken out of service.
    As cities expand and infrastructure ages, trenchless pipeline rehabilitation is a growing sector in many regions. This service has a particularly high strategic value in the Middle East and Africa, where oil and gas service lines operate under heavy competition and reduced rates.

    Applus+ Velosi is well-regarded within Qatar and now the UAE as one of the leading companies in the field. The company is considering assessing the viability of setting up this service line in Latin American countries, particularly in Colombia, Peru and Mexico, where trenchless rehabilitation projects are expected to grow. The current operational base, together with the reputation of Applus+ Velosi, should make it possible to replicate the success of the service line observed in the Gulf region.

    By David Henderson

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