Emergency response and stand by rescue cover - Velocity Flash Magazine n.2

    Applus+ VELOSI Qatar has successfully delivered an Emergency Response and Standby Rescue work scope during the 2016 turnover at ORYX GTL Plant.
    Project overview: 8 weeks mobilisation for Emergency Response Team on-board ORYX GTL plant in Qatar.
    Scope of Work: Provide support to ORYX GTL Loss Control Supervisor for all confined space entry certification and rescue planning and to effect any rescues that become necessary using rope rescue systems.
    In numbers:
    • We have managed over 10,000 confined space man entries and 5,000+ Work at Height PTW
    • We responded successfully in 15 First Aid Incidents (5 of them life threatening)

    The work was undertaken on the entire plant; therefore using a crane as a rescue plan would have significantly increased the project cost (a recent example would be $400k per week).

    In addition to that, a crane is limited by its speed of operation and the time taken when moving its location to respond to an incident. Moreover, let us not forget that a crane does not provide first aid treatment to a casualty! To carry out the project efficiently and costeffectively, Applus+ VELOSI Qatar mobilized six multi-skilled Emergency Response Technicians and equipment to safely deliver the service.
    Stand-by Rescue is not traditionally used in Middle East oil and gas activities, despite being an established practice across Europe, America and Canada. The company’s expert team in the Middle East is capable of offering a wide range of workplace stand-by rescue services including Confined Space Rescue, High Angle Rescue and other technical rope rescue stand-by services. Our employees are experienced rope access technicians and active paramedics with extensive specialist rescue training. We utilize the most technically advanced rope rescue techniques and equipment available.
    George Sakellariou, ORYX GTL Rescue Team Lead – Regional Ops Manager Rope Access, says: “The ability to usehigh angle rope rescue and confinedspace techniques adds another dimension to our Life Saving Program,and the performance of the Applus+ VELOSI Qatar team has been to a very high standard. We responded to emergencies in an impressive average time of 1.5 minutes resulting in life saving evacuations within 12-15 minutes from the moment of receiving a call.

    The competency of the staff proved excellent and their ability to think outside the box to resolve aerial access issues and difficult medical issues was invaluable.” ORYX GTL’s HSE representative commented on the project and performance saying that: “The performance of Applus+ VELOSI Qatar’s EmergencymResponse Team was exceptional.

    In this regard I take this opportunity to bestow sincerest gratitude and appreciation on behalf of ORYX GTL and the HSE department for the impeccable service that was rendered.”
    Terry Armes, Applus+ VELOSI Qatar’s Country Manager says: “Receiving such positive feedback from one of our major Middle East clients is particularly pleasing. George has worked hard to develop our Standby Rescue capability and we can add value by deploying expert multidisciplined teams that deliver real cost, efficiency and lifesaving benefitsfor our customers.”