CiBot carburization measurements: The process that allows non-destructive inspection on radiant coils in the furnaces


    Applus+ has in cooperation with Texplore a new solution for carburization measurements, the CiBot Carburization Measurements.



    Carburization is the formation of metal carbides in a material as a result of exposure to a carbon containing atmosphere. In service, it can result in loss of mechanical properties over time in addition to wastage of the material.

    Carburizing environments are commonly found in process piping and furnace tubes that contain an excess of carbon-containing species which includes hydrocarbon gases or carbon monoxide. Pyrolysis piping in ethylene and olefins plants are prime examples of equipment that must be designed to resist severe carburization.

    On this environment, CiBot carburization measurements designed by SCG Chemicals allows non-destructive inspection on radiant coils in the furnaces. The visualized result provides information about the assess coil condition and investigates causes of abnormality, in order to solve the problem in a less intrusive and more effective way.

    Besides, the solution optimizes ethylene cracking furnace coil lifetime and saves inspection cost.

    The process contains defining the work scope: number of pipes per furnace, which material is used, what is the diameter, pitch and the design data of the furnace.

    Then, the next step of the process is to measure. Depending on the number of measurements two to four sensors can be used. After the measurements, data analysis and report are performed.

    The next step is to analyze the limit state and calculate the remaining lifetime. This will give clear suggestions for improvement to optimize ethylene cracking furnace coil lifetime and saves inspection costs.

    In brief, the advantages for CiBot Carburization measurements are 14 times higher resolution inspection, 7 times faster inspection, and that zero scaffolding are required.


    By Stavros Sidiropoulos

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