Applus+ performs remote monitoring with augmented reality for a leading power company in Spain


    An important client from the power sector trusted Applus+ to monitor its substations. Our company, in its continuous search of excellence and innovation in every project, has incorporated remote supervision to improve this service.

    The Technical Remote Assistant software improves communications between the technician on-site (Supervisor) and the technician at the office (Site Manager), especially when modifications or reassessments are made to the original project.

    The remote, real-time visualization and supervision of the inspection works performed by the technician at the office enables experts at different levels to work coordinated without the need to have everybody on-site. This is a great advantage, especially with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

    Moreover, thanks to augmented reality, they are able to interact adding annotations, texts, symbols, and drawings to the image, and even transfer files. This will help the technician on-site consult or clear up more quickly and precisely any questions that may arise in the field, which will avoid problems in planning and therefore reduce costs.

    In this specific project, thanks to the remote assistance software, Applus+ is more efficient, reducing time dedicated to traveling and resulting in fewer emissions. Although many of the facilities (such as substations or high voltage lines) are usually situated in remote locations where communication signals are weak, the software used by Applus+ can operate with low-speed data transfer without any interference in the communications between the technician on-site and the technician at the office.

    Applus+ is working at the global level to incorporate new innovative technologies and tools into its projects, with the goal to offer the best results to its clients.

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