Applus+ contributes to advancing smart metering in the energy sector for electricity in Colombia


    Since 2019, Applus+ has been successfully developing the adaptation of energy-metering systems at leading companies in Colombia, in accordance with the requirements of Resolution 038, 2014, issued by the Commission for Regulation of Energy, Gas and Fuels (CREG) of the Government of Colombia.

    The standards in the resolution establish the technical characteristics for metering systems to comply with, so that the recording of energy flows by the agents participating in the wholesale energy market in Colombia is calculated correctly.

    In the past two years, Applus+ has deployed services for developing analysis of the information and for determining the necessary actions to comply with the regulatory requirements. This included preparing work schedules, the collection of technical/regulatory information, and executing the necessary standardisation activities to comply with the requirements of the Metering Code. 

    During this period, the technicians at Applus+ have managed to audit around 1,000 metering systems for clients consuming large quantities of energy, and Applus+ has performed more than 742 technical inspections, configuring and installing about 1,774 meters. Our teams have also executed more than 93 metrological verification tests to metering transformers, as well as other adjustments required under the new regulation. 

    The Energy, Gas and Fuels Regulation Commission (CREG) is responsible for regulating electricity and gas services in Colombia. The regulation also establishes penalties for market players which fail to comply with these requirements.  Since 2019, we have been collaborating with our clients in Columbia, working together and ensuring compliance with the legal conditions defined in the regulation. 

    Through these projects, Applus+ continue to consolidate our position as a benchmark in the market for the provision of services to electricity trading companies, with the support of a highly qualified team, specialised technological tools and equipment, and nationwide coverage. 

    At Applus+, we hope to continue being long-term partners with our clients, supporting their service needs and supplying their information requirements to maintain the integrity of their assets and operations.

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