Applus+ real-time digital radiography system has been validated to execute NDT in North America


    Applus+  RTD Rayscan™ technology successfully detected various weld discontinuities during the validation exercise, proving its ability to consistently and reliably detect these defects. 

    Prior to the commencement of any scope utilizing new non-destructive testing technologies, clients will evaluate the competency of technology and tooling and its capacity to perform examinations. This evaluation occurs to ensure the systems will perform effectively and provide owners and operators with a reasonable degree of assurance. Through this validation process, owners and operators will be able to witness first-hand whether a service provider’s latest technology can effectively identify asset discontinuities.  

    Our experts based in the region applied conventional film radiography and discovered several weld discontinuities within pipelines owned and operated by our client, a multinational energy service provider in North America. Subsequently, our US-based RT experts arrived on location, where our client tasked the team to discover these specific discontinuities once more, but this time, by applying a new system; the RTD Rayscan™.

    The RTD Rayscan™ system involves the filmless conversion of data into a high-resolution digital image of the entire weld and can be performed within a single scan. Our RTD Rayscan™ system has been employed mainly in pipeline and LNG tank construction to assist operators identify weld discontinues without the need to apply conventional radiographic testing. Other benefits of the advanced radiographic testing (RT) system include its cost efficiency, its increased safety, and its minimal environmental impact. 

    Through the support of the RTD Rayscan™ system, our experts were able to discover 3 weld irregularities, which were only previously established and known to our client. Validation was finalized through the analysis of results of both RT methods, providing a definitive conclusion; the RTD Rayscan™ provided higher sensitivity and definition to identify and evaluate indications.
    A comparison report was presented to our client’s engineering team, providing the evidence necessary for the energy service provider to obtain the assurance to incorporate new means of RT.

    Applus+ is a world-leading authority in RT. To maintain this position, efficient and cost effective solutions must be developed to continue to accommodate clients with exceptional RT capabilities. Through the RTD/Rayscan system, we are better able to provide clients with various opportunities and alternatives to secure the integrity of their assets and operations.

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