Applus+ applies artificial intelligence in the inspection of assets, PTI and testing and automotive engineering


    In Applus+ we combine technology and expertise to use the potential of AI to solve operational problems, improve efficiency and offer our clients more advanced services.

    AI is transforming our inspection processes by optimising and automating the analysis and interpretation of non-destructive testing data and images. Some of the most outstanding services with AI are the automated assessment of residual pipeline wall thicknesses from digital X-ray images or the AI-based Quality Assistant system that provides technical support to inspectors.

    Dr. Michael Neiser, Director of Applus+ in Germany, says “We want to support our inspectors through the use of Artificial Intelligence and expect that by using AI, specially adapted for us, the evaluation of image data will achieve an even higher quality and thus security in the result.”

    In automotive testing and engineering, we develope learning-based solutions in a number of use-cases: characterization of vehicle comfort level to adapt the autonomous driving styles, automated brake noise detection, automated validation of crash-test signals or the objectification of subjective evaluations.

    We are taking part in the ARTICO (Artificial Intelligence and Correlations) project, funded by the German state of Bavaria, which is developing an AI-based methodology to test the correlation between digital twins and their real counterparts in vehicle safety, providing a basis for evaluating vehicle safety through virtual crash simulations that exceeds the current state of the technique.

    AI has been built into different areas of statutory vehicle inspection, both in terms of client experience and operations, for example, in client relations during bookings or in number plate recognition. The new chatbot feature added to the Online Booking Portal for vehicle inspections is designed to provide new, advanced functionalities based on Microsoft’s Cognitive Services tool, adapted for mass-use. Since its launch in May 2022, the chatbot feature has enabled our teams to manage more than 30,000 appointments efficiently.

    Applus+ has devised its own system for recording car damage at the end of its leasing period, using an AI-based App developed in Denmark in collaboration with the company focalX. The system automates damage recognition, minimises errors and avoids subjective assessments by individuals. As a result, the process is two to five times faster than the traditional visual method.

    Helle Söderham, B2B Commercial manager for Applus+ in Denmark, says “The solution gives customers the opportunity to inspect cars via the app solution and, at the same time, receive a report from Applus+ that includes a damage assessment”.

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