At Applus+, we create sustainable environments, businesses and employment. We offer young talented people real opportunities through internship programmes. These have real material outcomes for the young professionals who we enrol: over eighty percent of the participants go on to join Applus+ as an employee. In 2022 we welcomed over 600 interns around the world; ninety percent of them joined the Applus+ workforce at the end of their internship.

Roxana Enache, an NDT Technician, says: "I have been working for Applus+ in Germany since 2019 as a non-destructive testing operator. In 2018, I joined three internships at Applus+, so I got to know the profession and the company, and I decided that I liked the role. In my opinion, internships are very useful to get to know the job role and company better, and I appreciate that Applus+ offers this possibility to interested people."





Wytze van der Velde, NDT Technician, exemplifies the positive impact of our internship programmes: “I have been working at Applus+ in the Netherlands since November 2019. I was very impressed by the theoretical training courses, and the practical work turns out to be just as demanding. Thanks to Applus+, I am starting to find my way as a specialist in non-destructive testing. What strikes me is that almost all the colleagues I have worked with spend a lot of time answering my questions and teaching me how to do my job”.



Applus+ participates annually in job forums around the world to attract the best students from leading universities and educational centres.

Matamoros Foundation Forum and careers fair at the University of Vigo

Forum Pitch Bootcamp in Portugal and careers fair in the Netherlands

At Applus+, we run the Referral Programme, an initiative through which employees suggest candidates for a vacant position.

These programs allow us to find the ideal profile for each position by making the most of our employees’ network of contacts. These initiatives produce a better quality of recruitment, a better rate of retention and a shorter recruitment time.


Zdravko Andonovski, NDT Operator, reflects: “I heard from a friend that Applus+ in Germany was looking for new employees. He described his work experience in the company, and I decided to apply for a position myself. Now we work together at Applus+."




Promoting the talent of the future


The commitment by Applus+ to professional development is also evident in other initiatives beyond our training programmes. We are also aware of the importance of encouraging and motivating the talent of young people from an earlier stage - those who could be the future professionals of the Group.




Peter Briggeman, NDT Technician in the Netherlands, regularly attends a secondary school to exchange his technical knowledge in non-destructive testing from in the field of mechanical engineering, an area in which he has over 40 years of experience.

These sessions help students to deepen their knowledge of weld inspection with an Applus+ expert. Peter's classes give them a hands-on approach to standard, non-destructive testing methods and pique the students' curiosity in this area.




Tarryn Scott y Diederick Naude, representantes de Applus+, en el Programa de Mentores para las Próximas Generaciones del Club del Petróleo de Australia Occidental.

Applus+ in Australia has joined the Western Australian Petroleum Club's “Next Generation Mentoring Programme”. This is an educational initiative that introduces high-school students to the oil and gas industry from an educational perspective. During the school year, Tarryn Scott and Diederick Naude, representatives from Applus+, visited a high school and gave interactive classes.

The Next Generations Mentoring Programme is an important initiative supported by Inpex and other leading companies in the industry. The Applus+ team’s participation in this programme reflects the company's commitment to the education of young people and society.



Applus+ in Spain collaborates with over 70 universities and educational centres which offer vocational training. These courses are aimed at students who are interested in developing their professional careers in areas such as inspection, testing, automotive, transport and logistics, administration and finance, or design of multi-platform applications. The internships at the end of this training stage will be the first experience of work for many of the participants.

Applus+ in Spain carries out the "Jo Enginyera” programme every year. These are conferences aimed at secondary education and further education students. During these talks, women from the team at Applus+, who hold technical positions in the company, share their academic and professional experiences with the students, showing them the professional opportunities related to this branch of studies.

The project began in 2010, and has since spread its message to over 1,500 young people. The objective of Jo Enginyera is to awaken women’s interest to our sector and to contribute to breaking down gender stereotypes around careers in engineering and technical professions.

Applus+ in Spain also participates in the “Meet Up” initiative. This is a programme to bring the projects we develop closer to university students, which directly impacts on the students' interest in working in a company like ours.




Applus+ participates in the “Vulcanus" educational-exchange programme, which matches Japanese engineering students with companies located in the European Union to offer internships. The Vulcanus initiative enables students to fully immerse themselves within the European business culture and acquire technical knowledge for them to develop a future career in Europe. The participants join the Applus+ team for eight months under the supervision of senior project managers, and over the internship period, students can work on a variety of inter-departmental projects. During our 12-year participation, Applus+ has welcomed thirty Japanese university students, who have been able to meet and understand European approaches to teamwork and decision-making, as well as delve into cross-cultural issues.


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