Our wellbeing objectives are based on promoting a healthier lifestyle and dynamic social activities and offering essential amenities. We have a wide variety of social and economic benefits to promote our employees’ financial wellbeing. These programmes have been recognised with several awards, click here to see them.

One of the amenities that Applus+ offers to the workforce are Lactation rooms:

When local legislation allows, we offer flexible spending plans like the one in Spain, which includes:

  • Medical insurance: health insurance with a choice from three insurers (Adeslas, Cigna or Sanitas and an income tax exemption.
  • Food: restaurant vouchers so all employees can save money on dining.
  • Daycare: virtual voucher that allows you to pay for the cost of daycare for children up to three years old, paid on a monthly basis.
  • Transport: with the transport recharge card.

The Applus+ Group complies with the right to disconnect from work. If the position or role allows it, we offer employees the option of working from home. This is a voluntary and reversible option. To be able to work from home, the position must include tasks that can be carried out remotely while maintaining the same level of productivity.

We promote people's health with initiatives related to physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing, as well as offer activities that enrich our people and make us part of a group, beyond an employment relationship. Here you can review some of the activities and measures that we have:


Promoting a healthy lifestyle is part of the corporate culture at Applus+, and practising sports is key to being fit and healthy. This is why the company encourages our employees to participate in sport activities that serve a double purpose: improve their health and reinforce the bonds they have.


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