Corporate Governance and Business Ethics


The principles of effectiveness and transparency GOVERN our decision-making, in accordance with the main recommendations and standards across the world’s regulatory markets.

In 2018, we developed the General Data Protection Regulation project to implement the new EU Regulation 2016/679 covering personel data privacy, and we approved four new policies and procedures.

In 2018, our whistleblowing channel received 125 communications of which 104 were opened for investigation as potential breaches. Out of these, 90 were closed in 2018 and 12 remain under investigation by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). Out of the 90 cases closed, in 44 cases there was evidence of irregular behaviour or breaches of the Code of Ethics’ values and/or contrary to the Anticorruption Policy, which resulted in some type of correction or disciplinary action. 

For further information, see the full Applus+ CSR Report.  

Applus+ CSR