Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

The principles of effectiveness and transparency GOVERN our decision-making, in accordance with the main recommendations and standards across the world’s regulatory markets.

Applus+ is governed by a set of corporate rules, policies, laws, processes and institutions that define our current corporate governance model and ensure a long-term vision through good governance.

  • We are sensitive to changes in laws and trends in this area, and we are committed to transparency as a key principle to managing a listed company.
  • Our commitment to business ethics is managed by the Board through the CSR Committee and the Chief Compliance.
  • Officer to ensure ethical behaviour is integrated across all our business units, geographies and operations through our Code of Ethics and associated policies.
  • We ensure disclosure and promote observance of our Code of Ethics across divisions, suppliers and contractors. Applus+ also has a zero-tolerance against corruption, and therefore we require suppliers and partners to observe professional and honest business practices, setting up due diligence processes to evaluate ethical issues to this aim.
  • We integrate sustainable development criteria to drive positive social, economic and environmental impacts along our value chain and for stakeholders.
  • As a socially responsible company, we want to be an active and beneficial participant in the communities where we operate.


For further information, see the full Applus+ CSR Report 2019.

Applus+ CSR