Non-Destructive Testing

The field of non-destructive testing (NDT) comprises a vast array of analytical techniques that are applicable to a wide range of industries. These techniques can identify and assess defects and examine the properties of all kinds of materials and structures without causing any damage. As NDT in no way alters the part or structure under inspection, it is an extremely useful technique that can lead to cost and time savings when applied to product evaluations, asset management and fault identification and repair.
NDT methods such as ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant testing, radiographic testing, remote visual inspection (using drones) and eddy current testing are now in standard use in civil, aeronautical and systems engineering. Advances in NDT enable the generation of 3D images of faults and have revolutionised many sectors.
Through our advanced NDT solutions, Applus+ can reassure its clients that their assets are in compliance with all applicable standards. The technical assurance delivered by Applus+ also minimises the level of risk to the assets in question as well as helping to maintain productivity.