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Energy Storage

Applus+ through Enertis -its solar and energy storage specialist- provides a wide range of consulting and engineering solutions in energy storage, including testing, battery storage regulations assessment, and maintenance services. These support our clients in identifying the most suitable energy storage solutions and in making informed decisions for their assets by providing analysis, design, programming, modeling, and monitoring services.

We have been in the energy storage market since 2018 and have broad experience in energy projects worldwide.

Energy storage is one of the key elements of the transition toward a sustainable energy model. It provides flexibility to the electricity system because of its ability to guarantee a continuous energy supply in response to variations in energy generation or consumption, and it contributes to the efficient management of electricity networks. 

The main energy storage technologies include batteries, thermal energy storage, mechanical energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, and pumped hydropower. A combination of all these technologies will contribute to increasing efficiency in energy management and consumption.

As the competitiveness of battery energy storage systems (BESS) for utility-scale renewable energy projects increases, the expansion of energy storage installations coupled with solar farms and wind projects is on the rise too. Also, incorporating energy storage systems into photovoltaic or wind projects makes it possible to increase the amount of energy injected at each access point and connection to the electricity grid.

Enertis Applus+ vast knowledge of the global energy storage industry and of the different and specific battery storage regulations defined in the main markets enables it to offer high-value technical storage consulting and engineering services to our clients.

We can support the full life cycle of energy storage or solar plus storage project, from initial development to construction and commissioning. Among the main services provided are:

  • Evaluate local market opportunities and limitations for energy storage.
  • Evaluate and model energy storage revenue streams to optimize project sizing and cost.
  • Bankability studies and Due Diligence reports evaluating the reliability of energy storage cells and energy storage integrators.
  • Technical Due Diligence for acquisitions and review of the adequacy of the proposed design and controls system.
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design of energy storage systems
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) services for energy storage systems and energy storage EPCs to streamline the procurement process. The process would include the development of an RFP package including the schedule, the scope of work, and management of the bidding process.
  • Factory and Site Acceptance Testing (FAT/SAT)
  • Energy storage periodic monitoring and assessment. Capable of validating if energy storage provider is meeting their long-term service agreement requirements and guaranteed capacity.
  • Comprehensive technical and economic feasibility studies of the hybridization of renewable technologies with BESS applications.

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