Road management involves the measurement and analysis of parameters to analyse the functional and structural condition of roads for the purposes of road management and conservation.

The Applus+ road-management service comprises the following elements:
  • Road-analysis surveys
  • Measurement and analysis of structural and functional parameters
  • Road rehabilitation and pathology studies
  • New-construction quality control
  • Development of management systems for the conservation of road networks and bridges
  •  R&D projects
Our services are uniquely characterised by:
  • Customer proximity and widespread availability of proprietary machinery
  • Highly specialist personnel
  • Permanent client advisory service, providing case-specific solutions
  • Wide range of available technology: Lacroix deflectograph, SCRIM, falling weight deflectometer, laser profile meter, geometric and visual inventory, geo-radar imaging, Ecodyn, retroreflectometers (road markings and vertical signals), TRL pendulum, colorimeters, etc.
  • Development of proprietary technology
This service is aimed at public road and airport agencies, expressway companies, tollroad management companies, construction companies and engineering companies.
Using Applus+ to provide high-quality road management offers the following benefits:
  • Provides the necessary road knowledge for conservation or construction projects
  • Optimises conservation costs and increases the quality of new road constructions
  • Monitors and improves road-safety levels