Environmental Clean Up at East West Pump Station (EWPS) 5


    Applus+ Velosi, which is part of the Master Gas system inspection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia participated in an environmental clean-up campaign at the East West Pump Station (EWPS) 5.

    The Applus+ Velosi team in Saudi Arabia worked with other enthusiatic volunteers to clean up the Al Hour Valley Station, located north of Booster Gas Compression System (BGCS) 5 at Durma.

    The campaign set out to increase awareness and improve the participants' commitment to minimising any negative impact on the natural world. The companies involved united behind a single goal: to act as role models for protecting the environment.

    Almost 70 volunteers, including the Durma municipality, equipped themselves with trash bags, gloves, litter pickers and a sense of purpose to help to clear up rubbish. Their efforts to remove litter from their immediate natural environment ensures that it won't end up in our oceans.

    For more information, please contact Aston Swift Aston.Swift@applus.com Tel.:+34 935 533 111