Vendor Inspection, sometimes referred to as source inspection, shop inspection or independent third party inspection, involves inspection activities performed at manufacturer’s works on all types of new build mechanical, rotating, electrical, and instrumentation equipment that are purchased by clients within the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Pharmaceutical and Mining Industries. Vendor inspection services provide confidence to clients that purchased equipment will arrive to the correct specification, and minimises the financial impact of faulty equipment. The level of vendor inspection services provided is set by the client and is intrinsically linked to the equipment involved, the Purchase Order requirements and the technical specifications / standards applicable to the equipment. Normally the level of inspection is reviewed with the client to ensure that both parties fully understand what is expected of the other.





Vendor inspection is an integral part of a client’s purchasing activities, whether it be during the procurement phase of a project or during maintenance and upgrade of operational assets.
We can provide inspection, whether it be a one-day visit or multiple visits on all orders across an entire project. The scope or level of inspection is determined by the client’s requirements which are normally controlled by a Quality Plan or Inspection and Test Plan (ITP). The scope can range from final inspection to an intensive inspection regime starting from the pre-production meeting, through identification and inspection of all raw materials, inspections at all prescribed hold-point stages, witnessing all tests, verification of all documentation and certificates and a final release inspection.
Either the operator or the contractor on a project may require vendor inspection services to ensure that equipment is supplied in accordance with specifications.
All clients / projects are provided with a single point dedicated local office-based co-ordinator who is responsible for managing all worldwide call-offs from that client in a timely, precise and efficient manner. The decicated co-ordinator liaises closely with the client, inspectors and vendors to ensure inspection schedules are set and achieved, communications are dealt with promptly and the inspection side of the supply chain process is accurate and transparent. To achieve this, Applus+ has developed a complete online management control system known as AMIS.
AMIS is a software program designed in-house as a complete Quality Management package for vendor inspection and the expedition of engineered material and equipment. AMIS optimizes administration efficiency by automating functions such as issue of assignments, budgetary control, tracking of non-conformances, order status, scheduling of visits and maintaining full traceability of all documentation and communication.
Applus+ works with you to achieve your quality needs in a speedy, professional and efficient manner. We provide experienced, local technical personnel from an extensive international network of qualified, competent and technically assessed inspectors strategically based in the world’s major industrial manufacturing areas, thus providing a comprehensive cost effective service to our clients.
Our field inspectors are familiar with a wide variety of Standards/Specifications and report forms as a result of our extensive international client base. All reports are technically reviewed for completeness and correctness by the local Applus+ office prior to client submission. However, as timeliness is crucial, we have our own in-house Key Performance Indicator targets, one of which involves the turn around, or submission time of reports.
Vendor inspection is a core service line for Applus+, having been a leading provider of this service to the global energy market over the last 20+ years. Our reputation has been built on managing global framework agreements with many of the largest international oil clients (IOCs), and providing full vendor surveillance supply chain management packages to major projects.
Vendor inspection provides the opportunity for early detection of quality issues, thus minimising any potential delays and costs due to poor workmanship or incorrect specifications.
Vendor inspection is the most convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that equipment is in compliance with specifications, client expectations and applicable industry and statutory regulations.
All vendor inspection activity is fully maintained and integrated within our bespoke database management system with easy direct access for clients and inspectors.
Global network of vendor inspection operational centeres and field personnel all working to the same certified QHSE management system, thus providing a unified high level of service across the globe.
Specific local expertise and competency in inspection of energy industry related equipment.
Ability to work with Applus+ using their knowledge of the vendor and equipment to agree the scope of inspection thus maximising the value added by the inspection activity.