Applus+ Canada Secures its Position within Canada’s Shipbuilding Industry


    Leveraging their past successes and existing relationships in the marine industry, Applus+ has secured its position as the integrated inspection provider supporting Canada’s shipbuilding industry on the West Coast.

    Applus+ is providing the necessary inspection and testing services to support the new construction of several naval vessels. Applus+’ services are utilized at every stage of the project, from inception and procedure testing to the fabrication and commissioning of the vessels.

    A strong focus on safety and quality has formed the backbone of this ever-evolving and growing partnership. This project’s emphasis on these values has brought them to the forefront of the Canadian Marine Industry, impacting the industry as a whole.

    This partnership is expected to last into the next decade and beyond, representing a sustainable presence for Applus+ in the pacific region. Extending beyond new construction, this position provides opportunities to lend support for class surveys, maintenance, refit programs, and in-service support for naval vessels as well as commercial ships.